Ball of China

Helen von Boch and Federigo Fabbrini         La Boule     1971    

A bull in a china shop would have too much fun with this complete dinner set of nineteen pieces for four people. From soup bowls to main dish plates to dessert bowls, everything fits neatly together in such a satisfying way, stacked to form a complete sphere. Glazed in two color schemes of contemporary colors of the era, they are an excellent example of pop art that is usable. The patented limited edition was more an experiment than a serial product targeted at large consumer groups. The Italian ceramic worker and a family member of the company’s owner created this masterpiece before they went on to modify the shape, using melamine instead and making it a more suitable and practical dish set for camping or dining al fresco. Both the plastic and the porcelain sets are out of production, but can be found at auctions.                   

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