Ball Point Pen

Gerd A. Müller Ball Point Pen 1966            

If you really have status, then you don’t need to show it. That was the conviction of the company and the designer who created this writing accessory. Instead of using gold and lacquer to indicate luxury, they mixed stainless steel with polycarbonate and made a stunning object with ergonomic properties. The high design quality was ensured by the man who had been a leading figure in a German design-oriented household appliances and personal care company. He had the surface of the pen’s body brushed after assembly, which cleverly made the split line between the two plastic halves disappear completely, with the company’s name subtly embossed on the side of the massive stainless steel clip. The clip itself was spring loaded, far better in quality than the flexible cheap tin clip used on other pens. Conveniently, the pen holds a cartridge big enough to draw a five mile long line. It is still on the market and comes in fountain pen and propelling pencil versions, striking us as modern half a century later.   

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