André Ricard  Stabilo Candle. (1963)                                                               

Adding a little candle light to your home is always a welcome idea and making it more practical is a remarkable innovation. Before candles there were oil lamps, but spilling oil and having to hand-adjust the wick made them dangerous and cumbersome. Around 500 B.C. our ancestors dipped the wick in hot, liquid tallow or wax and the candle was born. It provided a reliable and relatively safe source of light for centuries until this Spanish designer improved it further. His candle does not need a holder. He merely widened the lower part so that gravity and the weight of the candle provide its own stand. As deceptively simple as this may seem, it is an effective and smart minimalist solution. The designer left an imprint of his signature on the base of every candle, and went on to dazzle us with many more outstanding designs, including the Barcelona Olympic Games’ torch. His body of work was driven by the conviction that design always has to improve an object’s function.       

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