Coffee Machine

Florian Seiffert        KF 20       1972                                         

Making filtered coffee is a simple affair: Pour heated water through a filter into a jug. Having the design of a coffee machine reflect this simplicity? That needed a master designer. He created this elegant tower with the filter and heating unit affixed to slender metal tubes that cleverly housed the cables needed for heating the water. The result was a coffee machine with a much smaller footprint than the competition and a clear expression of the successive steps of coffee making. Adding a heating plate for the glass mug kept the coffee hot longer. The next version improved on the glass handle to avoid your knuckles coming in contact with the hot side of the glass carafe. It came in a range of daringly bright colors. There are many filter machines on the market today, but none is more elegant than this one. It looked so futuristic that it was used as a prop in the Sci-Fi movie ‘Alien’.   

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