Diving Watch

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche    1981   Diving Watch      

When the German designer who styled the famous Porsche 911 sports car developed a diving watch for the Swiss company, who produced an all titanium watch, the result was stunning. Like a pebble, the watch case was rounded front and back. Instead of a primitive knurling, the rotating bezel had scalloped indentations that underlined the modern image as well as the attention to design details. The clear graphics, devoid of any attempts to ‘prettify’ the sleek appearance with unwanted decorations and the unique flow of lines that incorporated the watchband in the overall design, all had received a masterful creative treatment of an eminently functional object. The watch's water tightness exceeded contemporary competitors by far. The anti-magnetic material used for housing and strap was finished in a beaded satin finish and followed the example of the creator’s first model for the same manufacturer, which outsold all Swiss mechanical chronographs during several years. The diver’s watch came also in a special model developed in a small series for the German Navy, with a modified version for mine-clearance divers, sporting a antimagnetic movement with a beryllium balance. Never before or after had a diver’s watch accomplished to fascinate seafaring people and landlubbers alike, by performance and by looks.                    


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