Jonathan Ive      2001    Earbuds                                                                    

When the company who revolutionised listening to music by making solid state based devices popular shipped them with these white headphones, they started a trend. Inspired by the science-fiction outfit of storm troopers, and matching the main products white color, users of their gadgets could be immediately identified by having white cables coming out of their ears. Their advertising campaign featured black silhouettes of people dancing on coloured backgrounds, with the same telltale white wires, which certainly helped to make the earbuds with their portable listening equipment a symbol for mobile audio entertainment and modern lifestyle. Launched ninety years after the first headphones, they had a standard small size and their level of technical innovation was fairly limited. Since then, the company has replaced this first model several times, until they recently launched a more ground-breaking set of wireless earbuds with integrated intelligence to communicate with your mobile devices.        


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