Electronic Reader

Robert Brunner   Electronic Reading Device   2007       

Can this product re-kindle the flame of literary obsession when you thought you’d given up on reading? Can it compete with books, win or loose? The old paper page product and the modern electronic device can co-exist and do for many readers. Their respective sustainability depends on how much people read on it and how well the printed book is received. The electronic device cost as an investment must be amortized and its environmental impact considered. Equally an environmental argument can be made that unread printed books that are not sold are doubtlessly wasteful as well. In any case, it’s very practical for travelers but also those who prefer uncluttered bedsides and homes. The designer, a very successful former employee of a leading computer brand, used all his skills to come up with a convincing solution that is practical, simple to use and easy on the eye to look at and to read by.    

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