Film Camera

Dieter Rams     Film Camera    1974                 

When the legendary German designer worked on a film camera, the result was trailblazing: With the exclusive use of aluminium and black plastic instead of the then customary leather applications, he indicated that his was a different approach. He was looking for a modern look, created from a standpoint of utmost functionality and perfect ergonomics. His strict arrangement of all adjustment buttons on the left side of the housing has a geometric beauty, but was born from logic. With the – typically right – trigger hand wrapped around the comfortable grip, the left hand had to be able to reach all those levers and buttons for smooth operation. The practicality was underlined by a collapsible handle for compact storage. Every detail was developed to serve the user, while the appearance was kept uncluttered, for better understanding and orientation. The creator’s credo ‘less, but better’ was once again successfully applied.