Flexible Lamp

Livio Castiglioni, Gianfranco Frattini        1970               Lamp

Snakes are not that popular, but this snake-like lighting design was. During the heydays of pop-art, playing with images was the order of the day. Creating a lamp in the proportions of a boa constrictor snake may sound strange, but the flexible lamp encouraged the user to play with its shape. Its soft glow made it a perfect accessory for the modern living room, providing a talking piece and an ambiance. The Italian creators, one known for his furniture and product designs, the other one of three famous brothers, all working in the same field, teamed together to conceive a malleable object that gives us the feeling that we can shape our surroundings to a certain degree. It is this opportunity to create that makes this product such a vivid example of thoughtful design.    


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