Glass Measuring Cup

Glass Measuring Cup 1915  

Cups will only get you so far. Sometime, your recipe requires more precise measuring than the tin coffee mug that used to hang from your saddle of your horse on the way to the Wild West. Granted, those were always available, even at the campfire, but nowadays, the diligent cooking of an ambitious home chef may require more. Years after a German chemist and glass technologist invented borosilicate low-expansion glass this American company developed a similar material. They offered a robust kitchen utensil to consumers which became a great success. The original had two spouts and a handle. The handle was necessary since the cup was heavy, due to the thick-walled material. Later, a version with only one spout was offered and became the standard in many households. Still manufactured today, albeit with another, less temperature-resistant type of glass, it is more shatter-proof. It was believed that breakage due to shock was a more common reason for accidents than temperature induced events, and therefore the safety benefit would be greater. In any case, this tool measures up to all our expectations.          

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