Glass Set

Adolf Loos            1931                Bar Set                                                       

True to his conviction that ornaments need to be eliminated to allow culture to evolve, as he stated in his 1910 pamphlet ‘ornament and crime’, this Austrian-Czech architect created this beautifully simple set of glasses with carafe for the American bar in Vienna. He also designed the complete interior of the bar, with the same openness towards new ideas, turning away from tradition much like his contemporaries and fellow citizens of Vienna, Sigmund Freud, the trailblazing psychologist and Arnold Schoenberg, the avant garde composer. With a nod to quality craftsmanship, reflected in the matte-polished cut pattern at the bottom of the glasses and repeated in the carafe’s stopper, he tastefully devised a line of stunningly smooth glassware in an era that had just experienced the abundance of art nouveau with its floral excesses. With his classic modernist style, he influenced designers and architects for generations to come. The glasses are still available, and you can enjoy a drink in his bar to this day.