Hasselblad Camera

Viktor Hasselblad  (1957)

The formerly family owned company started to build ties with the American George Eastman, of later Kodak fame, in the late nineteenth century. This set the foundation to a long term collaboration as their distributor in Sweden, but also, for the creation of the best camera of its time. While starting camera manufacturing during the Second World War for defense purposes, the Swedish founder’s great-grandson Victor Hasselblad always had consumer’s cameras in mind. He introduced his first model targeted at that market in 1948, but it took some more model generations to achieve not only photographic and mechanic perfection, but also the sturdiness that would forge this camera's image as legendary. It has set unmet standards for mid-format cameras for roll film and has reached fame as the first camera on the moon, taking iconic pictures of an event that moved all citizens of this planet. 

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