High Heeled Shoe

Christian Louboutin      Pigalle. (2004)                                                              

If the shoe fits, wear it! But nobody said anything about walking long distances or hiking in the mountains. As with any object, function can be defined in many ways. Here it is to elevate the wearer to another height, one of fashionable distinction. Undoubtedly this Pigalle model– named after a naughty quarter of Paris – is one of the most elegant and instantly recognizable high heeled shoes on the runway or the streets today. With its trademark red sole, it speaks to a woman’s penchant for high quality craftsmanship, outstanding design and extravagant appearance. And perhaps just wanting to be noticed! The French artisan designer himself admits that it was a pensive look at a beautiful woman walking by that inspired him to create an unforgettable accessory to enhance the beauty and promote the sexiness of its wearer. A sign in a museum forbidding metal-tipped high heeled shoes made him think about rule breaking and how he wanted to embolden women today. And it was his assistant’s vermillion colored lipstick that motivated him to add the colorful touch to the underside, thus completing a memorable icon of Parisian chic.