How to cool down? The answer is blown in the wind...

Marco Zanuso Ariante Fan 1973                                                                       

Be there and be square. This little ventilator manages all this and cools your room too. Designed to visually vanish into nothingness, it consists merely of a diagonally slotted box through which the ventilator blade is hardly visible. A simple thick bent wire creates an adjustable foot stand. Its deceptively simple airy appearance underlines, in the intricate latticework of function oriented slits, the creator’s desire to give form complexity. This Milan-born architect, designer and university lecturer was instrumental in forging post-war ‘good design’ with trailblazing products that influenced modern consumer goods. He also shaped the urban landscape with important buildings in Italy and Brazil. As editor for the well-known Domus and Casabella magazines, he championed high quality Italian design.      

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