Japanese Scissors

Tim Toomey  Scissors (2001)  

What a sharp design! When you study this exquisite object, you will find that nothing can be added, nothing left away. Suppressionism at its finest. It was created by a British cabinetmaker and designer who has worked and lived in Italy and Japan. He combined the meticulous concentration on the essential with the exuberant love of the detail. Whether his mastery of traditional Japanese archery or his command of fine carpentry skills inspired him to fold sheet metal so beautifully into this pair of scissors is unknown, but the result convinces with the authority of any object that has succeeded in not being able to be made simpler. That is probably why, for quite a while, these scissors have been the best-selling item in the Museum of Modern Art in New York by a Japanese department store selling ‘no-brand quality goods’.                      

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