Mayday Lamp

Konstantin Grcic        1999          Mayday Lamp

Named after the French expression ‘help me’ (venez m’aider), and its derivative English nautical distress signal, this utilitarian lamp can stand on its unbreakable reflector, which doubles as a protector for the light bulb. You can also hang it upside down on a hook, thanks to the little triangular hole in the opalescent plastic cone, use the coat hanger ending on its top, or just lay it on the floor. The smart German designer and studied cabinet maker has foreseen this lamp to be a versatile little helper, and it lives up to its name. With a helpful handle that has an integrated switch and two prongs to wrap the lengthy cable around, it is a convenient gadget. Re-thinking the industrial lamp, the creator used his trademark uncluttered design style for this product. It can find a space in any garage or workshop, but also blends into the modern living room.