Ettore Sottsass   Ultrafragola Mirror   1970                                                     

An illuminated mirror that looks like wavy hair of a redhead? Or was it really something more intimate that inspired the designer? Created for a series of ‘gray furniture’, and surviving as the only piece that was ever mass produced from the series of living- and bedroom pieces, this vacuum formed plastic framed mirror comes to life when you switch the light on. Only then are the tender rosé hues revealed and contribute to the vividly expressive pop-art style shapes. That’s when you see that this object is clearly more than just a looking glass, but rather a glass to look at in its entirety, frame and all. The subtly ridged frame surface with its three-dimensional undulation reinforces the silhouette of the piece. It’s this masterful treatment that made this mirror iconic. Though never produced in large quantities, it became an object that expresses the latent erotic atmosphere of a decade.          

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