Mobile TV Set

Rodolfo Bonetto    VOXSON Oyster     1973        

It seemed magic that a simple cube could open up to become a television set. Increasing use of electronics made components’ position more flexible, and this allowed the operating buttons of this product to be housed in the top of this two-part hinged tv set. Sitting on the floor, with just the right inclination of the screen toward the watcher, the operating panel was conveniently elevated from the floor. Naming it ‘oyster’, this Italian self-taught designer, jazz-drummer and teacher at the famous German Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm hinted to the user that something was hidden in the cube that one could transport around, with the tube being as well protected as all buttons. An eight-times winner of the famous Italian Compasso d’Oro design award, he succeeded in creating many influential products, furniture and the first robot-assembled car engine ‘FIRE’ for FIAT.      

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