New Espresso Maker

Richard Sapper Espresso 1978                                                                             

What would mornings be without espresso? Many people don’t want to know.  For those, the German designer developed this solution in his Milanese studio. Manufactured in Italy, by a maker of fine tableware, it was intended as an homage to the original espresso maker with a similar functionality, which was produced by another member of the same dynasty. Instead of cast aluminum, innovatively, stainless steel was used, cleverly spun into cascading cones. The creator, always looking for innovation, developed an innovative locking mechanism, easily operated by pushing the handle in. This opens the machine, and water and coffee powder can be refilled. With a non-drip spout and a wide base to accommodate gas stovetops and capture more heat, this espresso maker performs its task beautifully and efficiently. Just like you will, after a cup of coffee.    

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