Pasta Pot

Massimo Morozzi    Pasta Set 9092      (1985)                                             

Who does not like Italian cuisine? Who does not start to salivate when pasta is just mentioned? A ubiquitous staple food of Southern Europe, its preparation has not changed since its first reference in the twelfth century. Consequently, it needed the attention of a renowned Italian architecture theorist and designer in the eighties of the last century to rethink the process and develop this innovative solution. Rather than cooking the pasta first and then pouring it through a colander to separate the food from the water, he created a pot where the noodles cook in an integrated sieve. When your spaghetti, macaroni, farfalle or rigatoni are al dente, you just lift the colander by its black handles out of the pot and – pronto – your pasta is ready to be served. The genius creator worked on many things in his life, planning cities, advising big name brands, designing furniture and teaching design, but his most satisfying contribution to our households remains this often copied classic utensil, making the lives of all lovers of Italian food much easier.                 

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