Record Player

Jacob Jensen      1972       Record Player       

Go with the flow! Vinyl records were cut by machines that would chisel the groves parallel to the circular shapes outline. Traditional record players, with a swinging arm that describes an arc, could not reproduce music with the same accuracy it had been recorded in, and HiFi enthusiasts were therefore not entirely satisfied. When a Scandinavian manufacturer decided to finally produce a top quality player that would avoid ‘skating’, which describes the forces that pull a normal record player’s arm towards the center, they turned to the best, a Danish trained furniture designer with the first Industrial Design degree in his home country. He had already been responsible for some other products, and continued to collaborate for three decades, all in his sleek trademark minimalist style. His design philosophy was ‘distance, closeness and touch’. If you ever get your hands on the switches of his record player, cut out of the flexible stainless steel front plate, then you feel how rich in the elastic feedback of the metal and yet visually restrained design can be. It’s this seemingly contradictory mix of sensual abundance and subdued visual clues that make the creator outstanding, and his work so enticing.