Salt and Pepper

Wilhelm Wagenfeld    Max und Moritz    1952                                                 

These spicy pepper and salt twins were created by a former Bauhaus student whose main client marketed cutlery and related objects for the table. Though a simple product, it showed the creator’s consideration for minute details and reflects his credo that ‘being useful means being beautiful’. The materials used were glass, for easy distinction between the two seasonings, and chrome-nickel-steel alloy, which prevented oxidation and provided a nice shine. The perforated lids were clipped on, circumventing a more costly screw top solution. Allegedly, the hour glass  ‘breaks down’ clogged salt when the user shakes out the contents. It certainly facilitates picking up the shaker. Named after two characters created by a famous cartoonist from the 1800s, the set was one of the most popular products in mid-century Germany and is still in production today.           

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