Side Table

Eileen Gray       Table E 1027               (1927) 

For furniture to be useful, it must be versatile. This Irish born, French-based pioneer of interior architecture, design and architecture wanted her creations to be multi-functional. She developed this ingenious little side table for a house in the South of France she designed for herself and her lover at the time. It is named after this house, influenced by the equally legendary Le Corbusier, which was itself a code comprised of her initials and that of her paramour. She made it height-adjustable to use while in bed or for sitting in one of the iconic fauteuils she created during her illustrious career. The materials chosen were revolutionary at the time, combining chrome-plated steel tubes and glass to create an elegant and light-weight object for her home, which she did not want decorated. She simply designed all objects, furniture, and carpets in a way that created a satisfying entity. In a time that made it difficult for women to succeed professionally, she left an indelible mark with her outstanding work.                                              #iconix#design#icon#Eileengray#sidetable