Stereo Radio

Raymond Loewy       1968       Stereo Radio

In the Sixties, German radio stations began broadcasting stereophonic programs. It was the perfect time for a local brand to employ the famous American designer to create an object that would be practical and functional, but also epitomize the modern era. The result was a bold and sharp design, a first in many homes of that decade. The brightly colored translucent front flaps not only covered the dials and buttons when access was not needed, their mysterious glow contributed to the aura of a magical object that rendered sound a spatial experience. Detachable loudspeakers were engineered to deliver full sound in a compact volume, and the small size allowed for easy integration in German homes. It was not so much the solid wooden construction and the use of modern plastic, but the sensuality of the colors and the way he brought the shiny vibrant flaps into the foreground that showed an approach closer to pop art and Swinging Sixties’ style than his austere predecessors had dared.