Hans Gugelot, Herbert Linidger, Helmut Müller-Kühn, Otl Aicher    1962       Hamburg Subway Rolling Stock                                               

With a constraining briefing demanding convenient access, a friendly and hygienic atmosphere and strict adherence to the smallest tunnel profile, this German designers created a very modern look and a comfortable interior for the passengers. Designing front and back end of the otherwise raw stainless steel carriages painted in bright orange, they allowed railroad workers to see approaching trains even in the gray Hamburg weather, at the same time creating a clear identity of one of the world’s first underground railways systems. The easily cleanable plastic seats and the formica-covered interior walls featuring a tasteful pattern of pink lines on a beige background set the travelling experience in this postwar metro system worlds apart from the concurrent trams and trains. London, Paris and Berlin may have older metros, but Hamburg’s rolling stock made it by far the most modern system for decades.