The Bookshelf

Gillis Lundgren     Billy Bookshelf (1978)     

Shelve it! That has been the answer to storage problems since our Paleolithic ancestors used natural ledges in their caves to store stuff. There have been many developments since then, but a pivotal moment was surely when the Swedish designer of this object tried to stack furniture from a photo shoot into a car. “We should unscrew the table legs” was his remark to the company founder. That lightbulb moment was all they needed, adapting the principle of flat packing to all the furniture the firm produced. Since the early days, the manufacturing price of this shelf has dropped by almost a third. The space- and money-saving packing and economies of scale – every three seconds a new shelf is built – allow for more profit, and a perfect product that is hard to improve. Today, amazingly, almost one percent of this planet’s population owns this shelf.   

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