Fred Bould   Thermostat     2011                      

Design is not only about form, it’s also about experience. If you remember old thermostats that had unbelievably small numbers indicating the temperature you had set, then you know how advanced this product is. In large graphics, you see exactly how warm or cold it is, and on demand, how you programmed it. It’s smart, but its intelligence is used to make it less complex. It hooks up to pretty much any modern heating or cooling system, integrating seamlessly with other devices like smoke detectors, webcams or electric locks by the same company. You can remote control your climate at home via an app. Best, it helps save energy and money. You think that making the whole device one giant rotary dial is logical and simple? It was at the time a daring and revolutionary departure from the ugly little gray plastic boxes of past thermostats. It was just never done before until this one came along. 

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