Time's up!

Richard Sapper   Timer   (1971)         

3 – 2 – 1 – 0! Boiling eggs is not rocket science, but you may need a little help in counting down the time until they’re done. For this and any other kitchen timing duties, this little object provides a solution. Just twist the upper against the lower half of the little cylinder and let go when the time you need appears in the little circular window. The timer will start instantly and ring at zero. The operation is as simple as the design, artfully reduced to circles, so all concentration is on the window with the numbers. Impossible to simplify or to improve. The exceptional German designer has worked on a multitude of projects from his Italian office for worldwide clients. With studies in anatomy, philosophy and engineering, he was well equipped to tackle such diverse assignments as cars, computers, radios, cameras, lamps and coffee machines. Having won numerous awards, his credo was always to create functional ‘tools’ for humans, yet he was keenly aware of the importance of beauty. Employing modern technology while respecting tradition, he created useful and stunning objects for the household and the office.      

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