Automatic toaster Charles P. Strite

Charles Perkins Strite            Pop-up Toaster    (1926)     

Who likes the smell of burnt bread, especially in the morning, when your senses want to awake to something more pleasant? This led the creator of the first automatic toaster to an idea he patented in 1921. He had observed that roasting white bread is good, since it gives texture and flavor to the otherwise often bland bread. However, the need to precisely stop the preparation when a golden crust is achieved demanded the kitchen staff’s attention, which was diverted by many other chores. Hence the idea to have the toasted bread magically rise out of the little oven on its own with the help of a timer-triggered spring. It was such an impactful invention that the whole company was named after the first model, nicknamed the Toastmaster. It took five more years to launch a consumer market model. Later on, the toaster featured the manufacturer’s spiral-shaped logo on it’s chrome plated sides. This served not only to promote the brand, but also to divert the customer’s attention away from any imperfections that the polished side covers could have, reducing rejects drastically.