Tour Bus

Raymond Loewy             1954             Bus

When a Swedish immigrant started a bus transportation business before the first World War, it became quickly successful. Cars were still too expensive for the masses, and railroad was popular, but needed expensive infrastructure which did not exist everywhere. During an inaugural route, the tour operator was inspired by a reflection of his bus in a window to name a segment of his tour after a greyhound, which became the name of the company later. Shortly before the Second World War, the buses became so popular that they transported more people than the Class I railroads. The company decided to invest in Art Deco bus stops that were inviting and representative, to increase awareness for their services. After the war, they commissioned this famous designer to create a line of buses reflecting the modern and successful brand. With a luxurious two level layout, air condition, restroom and an exclusive design for the tour company, it was a great transportation solution and became a part of American folklore, featuring in songs, movies and people’s memories.