Transistor Radio

Dieter Rams T 41 1962                                     

To understand what this German creator’s design slogan of  “less, but more” means, just look at this simple little transistor radio and you will get it. The absence of visual clutter and unnecessary details gives you more: clarity and the confidence that you will be able to use this device. You can listen to radio stations on different wave lengths and bandwidths, and also connect it to a matching record player. Using the radio’s speaker, you can enjoy playing vinyl records wherever you take the combination along. The minimalist appearance is an example of post-war German modesty which made this object so remarkable. Before, radio tubes were vulnerable to shocks and therefore not really transportable. This radio used solid state technology instead, which made it the perfect musical companion for traveling. With plastic housing instead of leather, metal or wood, it makes a modern statement. Its austerity in surface, detail and shape are deliberate, almost as if in contrast to the superiority of the technology. Much like his postulated credo seems contradictory in itself.  

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