Vacuum Cleaner

Lurelle Guild       1937           Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaning has never been people’s favourite pastime. It therefore made perfect sense that this American designer gave the cleaner a dynamic shape, which makes it look like it could do the job faster. With Art Deco pizzazz and modern materials like chrome and rubber he created the archetypical eponymous ‘loaf’ shaped household appliance. Known for his pioneering marketing curiosity, which led him to poll his own neighbourhood by trucking around his own and his competitor’s models, he was also the founder of the American Designer’s Society. His interest in manufacturing techniques was equally profound, and led him to study mass production in the early days of last century. His talent as an exhibition, interior and product designer knew no limits. At a time, it was said that he designed a thousand pieces per year. The iconic vacuum cleaner model he conceived for the established Swedish consumer product manufacturer marked one of the many highlights of his career.