Wall Storage Unit

Dorothée Becker            1969                Wall storage panel

Originally conceived as a toy to teach children about geometric shapes, this immensely practical poster-sized silo for utensils is a design classic that adorned many households and offices in the Seventies. Only when her own children did not show any interest in the toy, the creator, who had no formal training but an obvious gift for design, started to think of other uses. The inspiration for this object came from childhood memories of her father’s drugstore and photoshop. The plethora of drawers she discovered and a hanging toiletry bag gave her the idea to store things vertically. Together with her husband, with whom she started a successful company marketing design, she invested in expensive tooling. The product became a huge success and remained the most popular of all the iterations she later developed. It was reissued by a famous design brand around the turn of the century.


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