Water Filter Bottle

Karim Rashid       2009       Water filter bottle                                           

Whether your tap water tastes funny or contains organic contaminants, this bottle filters it as you drink. With a filter capacity to handle 300 times the bottle’s contents, it is a practical and affordable product to quench the user’s thirst. Before first use, the filter needs to be cleaned by pushing a bit of water through. This removes carbon particles. Afterwards, no maintenance is required, and a filter change every two months ensures a continuous purification up to international drinking water standards. The squeezable flask itself, baptized ‘bobble’, is made of recycled plastic. Replacing the millions of one-way plastic bottles filled with drinking water that are consumed today and clog up the landfills tomorrow is a brilliant and much more sustainable idea. The Egyptian-born designer, who grew up in Canada created a desirable object in candy colors with a seductive shape, knowing that we may want to save the environment, but we have come to expect even that to be fun.


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