Water Kettle


Michael Graves  Water Kettle 9093   1985   

Ornaments? No place for them in early last century’s modernism with its clean lines. Five, six decades later, post-modernism had a different take on seemingly redundant, but sometimes evocative decorative elements. These new touches, generating an emotional response, showed that the pendulum of public preference had swung back. This American architect created one of the most visible product design objects from the era. The cone-shaped body of the kettle creates a wide base to facilitate fast heating, although at the expense of satisfactory pouring. You have to turn the kettle almost upside down to get the last drop out. The whimsical bird with the in-built whistle announcing that the water is boiling has to be removed in order to pour the water. It is, however, this bird that epitomizes the creator’s eagerness to add eclectic elements to his work, whether in architecture or design. There is no doubt that this little creature imbued the product with just the right amount of emotive appeal which made it a success and sold by the millions..  

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